We offer equipment from the biggest brands in sound, lighting, and video. Equipment can be rented for days, weeks, or months, and is always delivered in excellent condition. Rented items can be picked up at Track DigiMedia, or delivered and set up. Please call, or visit, to be advised.


We are able to offer comprehensive lighting and sound for all types of shows and events. Since every event is different, we advise our clients to consult with us so we can put on the best show.

Mobile Broadcasting

Whether it be for events, sports, or gatherings, Track DigiMedia has a mobile broadcasting unit for just that. The mobile unit provides portable, high-quality sound control on the go; and, of course, is equipped with the latest gear.

Audio Visual Productions

With two recording studios, Track DigiMedia is able to record high level audio/visual products. A service that includes advice from technicians in the recording of ads, reports and documentaries.